Recent Storms in Colorado

May 9, 2014

More spring thunderstorms delivered hail and triggered tornado sirens in Colorado on Thursday 5/22 as hail storms, small tornados and strong winds hit states in the West and Northeast.

In Colorado, heavy hail frequently pounded areas of Denver and South Denver, Lakewood, Westminster, Bennet, Green Valley Ranch and more hail was reported in Red Feather Lakes northwest of Fort Collins. These hail storms caused severe damage to homes, cars, and businesses.

The most common form of roof damage is hail bruising to your wood, asphalt, masonite, or tile shingles. The two most recent hail, rain, and wind storms that have been occurring in Colorado have totaled most wood shake and asphalt roofs in its path. Our team of project managers follow up on every storm area immediately after it is hit. We ask available home owners about their roofs condition and if any inspections have been given. photo It is very important to have your roof inspected after each storm. Hail and wind storms can cause catastrophic damage to your roof without you even knowing. Damage caused by the recent hail (see photos below) clearly detail how destructive it was. The photo to the left is a wood shake single which was shredded upon impact of the recent hail. The photo to the bottom right shows hail bruising on an asphalt roof. These bruises expose and compromise the integrity of each shingle. In time, the bruises expand and contract with the heat and cold of Colorado seasons. If any amount of this damage occurs to your roof, you need us to inspect your roof and assist you in filing your insurance claim.

If you are not familiar with what we do, here is a simplified step-by-step breakdown. We go to work right after wind and hail storms. When these types of storms occur in your area, we recommend you get your roof inspected regardless of what kind of damage you think you got or didnt get to your home. Here is why:

  • we are roofing professionals, don’t try to inspect your own roof
  • most damage that occurs to your roof cant be seen from the ground
  • neglecting small damage to shingles can turn into extensive damage, higher insurance rates, and even problems from your mortgage/insurnace company
  • our inspections are no-obligation and are FREE

Once we begin our inspection, here are our next steps:

  • we take pictures of the damaged to your roof
  • we inspect the entire home for other damage and take additional photos
  • we document our damage

Following our inspection, we detail and show all the damage to the homeowner. We show our photos, explain the extent of the damage, and begin discussions on what your next steps will be with their insurance. We need to know what company you use, how much your deductible is, and what kind of policy you have. The last step is to file a claim with your insurance. Insurance adjustors will reach out to the homeowner typically within 72 hours to set up an appointment. We ask that you inform us of the appointment date and time so we can be present during the inspection to represent you and ensure the home is thoroughly inspected.

Once your roof has been inspected by your insurance adjustor, it is up them whether they replace your roof or not.

To set up a free inspection and consultation, please call 720.635.5822

Below are actual photos taken in late May.




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